[Chase 053] Kantelian Wrong Half

[Chase 053] - Kantelian - Wrong Half Music / Industrial

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  • Dec 2012

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What we have here is 4 dark Breakcore tunes from a talented newcomer from Ireland. In this EP, Kantelian delivers sick breaks surrounded by flavourful atmospheres.
Starting with “Iaenstaene”, a straight and aggressive tune, with a small amount of raggacore influences, then with “Wrong Half” but especially “Melting Zoo” and “Stone Lions” the listener will be caught by dark and puzzling synths combined with raw industrial elements and oppressive sounds. But as it’s always difficult to describe the feelings and emotions released by music only with words, I strongly suggest you download this powerful Ep and discover the incredible atmosphere of it!
Release page : http://chaserecords.free.fr/chasereleases/chase053.html

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  • 00_-_Kantelian_-_Chase_053.m3u (306 B)
  • 01_-_Kantelian_-_Iaenstaene.mp3 (14.2 MB)
  • 02_-_Kantelian_-_Melting_Zoo.mp3 (8.7 MB)
  • 03_-_Kantelian_-_Wrong_Half.mp3 (14.8 MB)
  • 04_-_Kantelian_-_Stone_Lions.mp3 (11.6 MB)
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